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About us

The Old Bulawayo Public Library operated from a rented eight roomed prefabricated paper house in Main Street on the corner 6th Avenue which houses the services Club -Empire House .Thus the Library was officially opened on 5th September 1996. A twelve men library Committee was chosen to run the facility and their major role was to fundraise for the library.


A foundation stone of the 8th Avenue /Fort Street site was laid on the 5th of November 1897 and the New present day Bulawayo Public Library was officially opened on 31 March 1898 .In that opening month they were 320 subscribers,principally adult males. Today there are more than 10 000 subscribers ,being males and females of all ages.

Since its establishment the library has remained popular to many readers in the city of Bulawayo and the whole of the Southern Region. The services that this library provides are largely as a result of enthusiasm and energy given over many years by the committees,librarians as well as staff members. The institution is registered in terms of the welfare Organizations Act (Chapter 93).


Our Vision

Is to become a model of excellence in the business of LIS service provision


The Library's Challenges

P Vickery a historian writes that "Right from the beginning money was a problem .subscriptions were always way below running costs.In 1897 only $70.00 had come asa subs and the library had spent twice as much "Bulawayo Public Library like any other organization in Zimbabwe has not been spared from the socio -political and economic effects that other organizations andinstitutions are going through .For a long time now ,the library has been in the red ,operating without a stable budget.As a result of these challenges we are no longer able as a library to provide quality service to our readership and clientele.

Our Plight

For us to continue to provide normal services we desperately require support from well wishers.We therefore,kindly appeal for donations in cash and in kind so that we are able to deliver services as per our mission statement for the benefit of communities and the nation at large.


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